HOTTEA [Preview]

2 weeks ago I was in Minneapolis. No need to remind you that Vortex made a stop by Minnesota too, a week before I landed.
It was my first experience outside of the New York state in the US. And what an experience to get there by -25 °F (-31°C). In the past, I had been baptized by cold and snow while living in Montreal 6 years ago but this Minnesota winter time was particular, especially when you carry a camera with you. (But the video worth the sacrifice)

As I was in Twin Cities, I decided to meet some of the artists around there and I found Hottea! Actually, I knew his work because I was passing by one of his yarn-fencing thing everyday all day,  on the way home, under the Manhattan Bridge on Kent Avenue in New York.

So the guy is from Minneapolis, I know I won’t come back anytime soon.
It’s like THE only occasion to catch him and have a talk and maybe do something together. Him, yarn-fencing and me filming the performance.

But, it’s -5 or 7°F, it’s F****** Freezing out there and we need a fence…

And there it goes…

Mega thanks to Daniel Moore for letting me using his Flying Lotus Remix on this vid
Space Gang "Puppet Talk" (Flying Lotus Space Gang Remix)

And, Make sur to get PART II, next Monday, because Hottea has things to say & deliver!

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