Loro Verz: Sao Paulo x Paris [Live painting video]

4 years ago, I experienced living in Sao Paulo, the largest city in South America. I wanted to witness the vibrant artistic scene out there. In 4 months, I met lot of artists from music to dance or street art.
I kept in touch with some of them and the one I’m going to introduce is the coolest guy I had the chance to meet in Brazil.
His name is Loro, he’s a painter and at that time he was living downtown Sampa. A chaotic, frenetic and intense neighborhood where pixadores, prostitutes, homeless, party animals, drug dealers and cops are cohabiting when the night comes.

Perfect location for inspiration when you’re a painter, even more when you’re easy to talk to. Loro knew all of the people that were crossing his street and he was navigating between those people riding his motorcycle.

From this energy, he created singular pieces that are referring to the city center’s chaotic spirit.

Last year, he payed his visit to Paris and ask me to find him a space to leave his mark. Whatsize store naturally offered him a wall to paint on and we just improvise a painting « apéro » at night.

And here is the result after a year of dormant status in my hard drive!

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