HOTTEA [Preview]

2 weeks ago I was in Minneapolis. No need to remind you that Vortex made a stop by Minnesota too, a week before I landed.
It was my first experience outside of the New York state in the US. And what an experience to get there by -25 °F (-31°C). In the past, I had been baptized by cold and snow while living in Montreal 6 years ago but this Minnesota winter time was particular, especially when you carry a camera with you. (But the video worth the sacrifice)

As I was in Twin Cities, I decided to meet some of the artists around there and I found Hottea! Actually, I knew his work because I was passing by one of his yarn-fencing thing everyday all day,  on the way home, under the Manhattan Bridge on Kent Avenue in New York.

So the guy is from Minneapolis, I know I won’t come back anytime soon.
It’s like THE only occasion to catch him and have a talk and maybe do something together. Him, yarn-fencing and me filming the performance.

But, it’s -5 or 7°F, it’s F****** Freezing out there and we need a fence…

And there it goes…

[dailymotion x1be4qe]
Mega thanks to Daniel Moore for letting me using his Flying Lotus Remix on this vid
Space Gang « Puppet Talk » (Flying Lotus Space Gang Remix)

And, Make sur to get PART II, next Monday, because Hottea has things to say & deliver!

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